Unloved Dog’s Body Turns Hard Like Stone, She Loses All Mobility & Waits To Die

Her skin has scaled and hardened due to untreated mange. Her rescuers are working day and night to treat her. Let's help her find a loving forever home. Spread the word.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT An extremely sickly dog was found dying on a rural dirt road in Oropos, Greece.

She was starved and neglected for years, and had developed a serious case of infectious mange that made her skin scaly and hard as stone. When “Save A Greek Stray” rescued the poor girl, they named her Petra, which suggests “stone” in Greek. At the vet’s, the caretakers were eager to find out Petra’s advanced case of mange. After tests, it had been found that she was also affected by leishmaniasis, Ehrlichia, and a number of other health issues. The most heartbreaking part was that Petra had given abreast of life. In the past, she no longer believed in humans, and it was easy to hope that her painful life would end.finish.

As Petra’s plight went viral on social media, dog rehabilitator Valia Orfanidou decided to assist Petra heal and find her strength again. Valia realized that Petra needs human unconditional love and care. In this video, we see Petra’s journey as she gradually heals and makes a shocking transformation into a stunning, affectionate and playful dog! The rescue is now hoping to seek out an ideal forever home for the brilliant and loving Petra. This sweet girl has endured enough troubles for a lifetime and deserves the heat and luxury of a loving home. Let’s help her find her forever home. Spread the word.

Update: we've learned that Petra was adopted by a short woman named Laura! Laura loves calling her “The Girl Who Beat Death,” and hopes to offer her all the finer comforts of life that Petra never had. We are so pleased with you, Petra! Live well! Click the video below to see Petra’s hard journey as a survivor! WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.

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