2 dogs devoted to each other need new home together after owner dies

This gorgeous pair have a very touching story...

Two dogs who are dedicated to one another are trying to find a replacement home after their owner died. JJ and Bipper, who are both eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback crossbreeds, are mentioned together, and where one goes, the opposite follows.

Dogs Trust Loughborough is attractive to people who can keep two dogs at the same time. “JJ and Bipper came to us after their owner sadly gave up the ghost last month,” said center manager Celine Di Crocco. “They were obviously much-loved dogs and that they are the simplest of friends. they're a very terrific twosome and we’re hoping it won’t be too long before some big-hearted dog lovers fall crazy, twice over.”

She said that Bipper may be a bouncy boy whereas JJ is that the more sensitive of the 2 and though he loves twiddling with Bipper, he's not keen on other canine companions. The team is hoping the dogs' new home will have a secure garden where they will play to their hearts' content, with quiet walks accessible when it's time to go out on an adventure. “JJ and Dipper love each other’s company but would like to not share their new home with the other pets,” said Celine. “They really love people and that they would be happy to much with children aged 15 and over. JJ does sometimes wish to unwind on his own, so his family will get to give him space when he wants it.

“However, they might both enjoy having their two-legged friends around most of the day, particularly whilst they settle in. “Welcoming a dog into your life may be a huge commitment, but we are really hoping that there's a family of dog-lovers out there who are able to welcome two canine companions into their home. If you double the dogs, you double the fun and lifelong love.”  

If you think that Bipper and JJ might be the right match for you, call the center on 01509 273349. ToTo find more click here.

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