‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ who’s been in shelter for 900 days is still hoping to be adopted

Some dogs are lucky, while some others are unluckyunlucky. AlbeitAlthough some people were in the shelter, they were quickly adopted and found a new home. On the contrary, in some cases, the dog has to wait a lifetime to urge adoption. Image result for ‘Britain’s loneliest dog’ who’s been in shelter for 900 days remains hoping to be adopted,

This happened to a poor dog named Sam, who has been living at Destitute Animal Shelter in Boston. He has been hoping for so long for a family, but it looks as if the probabilities were very low. The previous owner of Sam died in 2017, while another family didn't compute for poor Sam, so he was returned to the shelter after six months.

What is more, there are quite 900 days that Sam is under the care of the shelter. The shelter decided to find a family for him.family. They need posted a photograph of Sam on Facebook, which resulted in many adoption requests. Despite the fact that he's an old dog, he still deserves to be loved, a bit like the love he shares with others. He’s playful, loving and tons of fun.

He must be the sole pet in home because otherwise he will chase small animals like cats and rabbits, while he's okay with kids over six. For now, Sam has not found a home yet, but there are high hopes because tons of people are interested to adopt him.

We hope he will get the simplest owner and family! Wish best luck to Sam!

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