Dog Walks 37 Miles Home After Owners Forget It At Service Station

The desperate animal was a bag of bones and dirty after trudging down busy roads for days on end.

A loving dog walked 37 miles over the course of 26 days because it tried to seek out its owners - who had accidentally left it at a station, Chinese media reports.

The seven-year-old pooch, referred to as Dou Dou, was forgotten by its family once they stopped on the motorway for opportunityopportunity. But the determined doggo was evidently not able to part ways with its beloved owners, and began a mammoth journey home. According to Hangzhou-based newspaper Qianjiang Evening News, the saga began when a person named Mr Qiu, and his family - from eastern Chinese city Hangzhou - drove to the countryside to go to relatives last month, bringing DouDou with them for the trip.

They stopped at the Tong Lu station , around 60km (37m) far away from their house, with Mr Qiu telling reporters that he simply assumed Dou Dou had stayed in the car while the family taken care of their young child. It wasn't until they reached their destination several hours later that they realized their pet hadn't arrived with them - rushing back to the station subsequent day to undertake and find him, but with no luck. Speaking to Qianjiang Evening News, Mr Qiu said: "[We] hoped it might survive and find a good-hearted one that would adopt it." Thankfully, however, Dou decided to require fate into its own paws, with the family stunned when a 'dirty, gaunt stray dog' suddenly appeared on their doorstep. Mr. Qiu explained how Doudou became haggard, and his family could hardly recognize the animal at first.initially. He continued: "Apart from being skinner than before, [Peas] is still an equivalent self. Rapper Adopts Dog After being thrown at him during a racist incident

"Its eyes are radiating with lights." He added: "Luckily it did not have any injuries. "Even though Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the primary day [after returning home], it's become tons more energetic recently." The impressive story has also impressed others, with animal experts commending Dou Dou's ability to seek out its way home, against all odds. A dog trainer told the newspaper: "We are still trying to know dogs' many behaviors.

"But [Dou] can find home even from thus far away. it's exceptional talents." But while Dou Dou's journey was obviously incredible, experts have also claimed that the dog's behavior was likely accidental - warning other pet owners to observe their animals while outdoors or travelling, as there is no guarantee they'll imitate .

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