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Dog Who Has Been Ignored For 11 Years In Shelter Is Still Waiting For Her Forever Home

 Any dog at shelter just wishes to possess a forever home, a number of them find a home, except for some others, it takes goodbye . Many of them spent years waiting, which suggests that they're going to be seniors, which reduces their chances find forever homes.

That’s exactly what happened with a shelter dog called Molly who’s spent her entire life which is 11-year-old in kennels without getting adopted. The shelter is now trying their best to seek out a forever home for the dog.


When the boxer cross was just 8-month-old was delivered to UK rescue charity Dogs Trust, after finding her wandering the streets.

Unfortunately, the dog, who has been gone by for years, is so cute and lovable. Celine Di Crocco, Dogs Trust manager, said that Molly features a very big heart and is so special, she also added that she hopes that she would finally find a forever home.

She added that she may be a good pet dog after spending some days inside her home. We wish that she is going to find the forever home she deserves as soon as possible.

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