Heartbreaking Moment For Mama Dog Digs Up Dead Puppy Trying Desperately to Bring Him Back to Life

This story speaks will break your heart into small pieces, because the grieving of a mama, whose son died says it all! The video below shows a mama dog trying awake her dead pup by digging it out of a grave!

Unfortunately, Kookie, a 3-year-old Lab mix, lost one between her pups after she had born to a litter of pups in Zamboanga, the Philippines. Kookie woke Kaye De Luna, the owner, and her family, on Monday morning by barking loudly to alert them of the dead pup.

The dog was buried in the garden, so, when the mama was taken for a walk a couple of hours later, she simplyvisited the grave of the puppy trying to awake him up!

The video below shows heartbreaking moments when the mama started digging to succeed in her boy. She was finally ready to reach her dead puppy, and tried to wake him up with tears. This is often heartbreaking! Watch the video below.


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