His Body Slowly Turned To Stone As He Laid In Abandoned Home, Waiting To Die

He had given up on life and his body was shutting down, but vets and rescuers refused to give up on him.

When Oscar was found, he was living in an abandoned home with another dog, both in a horrific condition.

They both had leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites, which left their skin crusty and hard as a rock. Since that, they had never been treated, the disease spiraled out of control, leaving their bodies without fur, and searching as if they were statues made from stone.

Oscar was so weak and had given abreast of life. He was barely alive and his body was shutting down, so vets had to figure together to bring him back. He received months of treatment and medicated baths, and a replacement dog began to emerge. As his fur began to grow back in, Oscar looked completely unrecognizable.

Both Oscar and his mom were adopted by loving families, but sadly after a while , Oscar’s family had a health issue and was not ready to look after him. They returned him to Larkhill, and now he's checking out a replacement home. Learn more about Oscar’s story in the video below. If you’re curious about adopting him, please contact: v.larkhill@gmail.com.

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