Homeless Man’s Dead Body Found Guarded By Stray Dogs, He Used To Feed Them For Years

This story shows us the loyalty of stray dogs, who are usually overpassed. A homeless Yemeni citizen named Ismail Mohammed Hadi was found dead in a public market guarded by stray dogs.

The man want to feed these stray dogs, so, they paid back their debts by guarding his body the entire night waiting to be discovered. The man, who spent his last years living during a small cabin he made in the streets near the public market, want to make a tour to urge the leftovers from the restaurants to feed the dogs.

Hadi was found by some peddlers subsequent morning surrounded by the stray dogs, until he was moved to the hospital. This story may be a big proof that dogs are naturally loyal. What does one think?! Share this with your family and friends,

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