Lady Finds Dying Dog On Her Property, Ignores Her For Days Before Getting Help

 The emaciated pup was lying in a water-filled ditch, unable to move, but the woman just left her there until it was almost too late.

A woman in Bisbee, Arizona contacted Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary after she found an abandoned dog on her property who seemed as if she was on the brink of death. The dog, named Bray, was lying during a ditch, unable to steer or move, and so the woman was unsure if she’d even make it.

When the rescuers arrived, the temperature had overflowed 94-degrees Fahrenheit, and so the dog had been lying in the water-filled creek all day in the blistering heat. The dog was found ten feet from the woman’s front entrance, and only a couple of steps from a shed that certainly could have provided relief for the dog, but the lady chose to go away her out there, exposed to the weather.

If Bray wasn’t found when she was, she definitely wouldn’t have survived for much longer, as she was already near death. They rushed Bray to the vet, where he was treated for dehydration. She was very frail and exhausted, and her nails were extremely long, which suggests that she had been immobile for quite a while.

Her blood work showed that she was in liver and renal failure and had a coffee red blood corpuscle count. Vets worked tirelessly to save lots of her life, and because the days went on, Bray grew stronger and stronger. She finally found her appetite and was eating on her own, which led to her gaining a big amount of weight.

Vets didn’t think Bray would ever walk on her own again, but she continues to defy the chances. She now begins on her own and is enjoying her second chance at life. Watch her rescue and transformation in the video below:

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