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Pained-Eyes Showed She’d Given Up On Life, But They Wouldn’t Give Up On Her

Found in a field, and badly mistreated, she was too weak to stand. She had given up and accepted death. These heroes took on her fight and didn't plan to lose.

 When a dog is badly treated and has faced many challenges, there comes some extent where abandoning seems to form sense. For one dog, death was close. She was on her own starving to death.

They found her within the middle of a field too weak to face . But albeit she had given up, they weren't abandoning on her.

After rescuing the dog, they named her Lady. She was delivered to the center for urgent care. She was skin and bones and beaten down by her hard life.

Her expression said such a lot . Her eyes showed her pain which she was just too tired to travel on.

After her initial exam, the medical staff diagnosed her with a parasitic infection that had ravaged her joints. With x-rays and much of blood work, they came up with a treatment plan.

She needed tons of help, medication, and good nutrition. But mostly, she needed to feel safe and loved so she could fight to measure .

With time and love, Lady made a tremendous transformation. The medical staff spared nothing to urge her as healthy as possible.

Her mange was treated, she was given IV antibiotics and a high-calorie diet. Lady began to believe her new human friends, and in herself.

. She even had some pep in her step!

Her rescuers understand that it'll take time for her to completely heal. She’s hesitant of certain people. But every day she learns more and more.

Lady has life in her eyes now. She believes in herself. She’s like numerous other dogs that had given up but were saved just in time.

Her story is inspiring as is her life. We are so grateful that animal rescuers still work to offer dogs like Lady a second chance.