Passing Dog Looked Up To Say “Even If I Don’t Make It, Please Love Me Anyway”

A local rescue group heard a few dogs that was being mistreated. While they knew it might be a severe case of neglect, nothing could have prepared them for what they might witness. They drove over to the house in question and a dog was lying nearby, motionless.

She had a rope tied around her neck that was so tight, she couldn’t breathe. She was skin and bones. Because she lay there motionless, the rescuers weren’t sure if they were too late. But as they came closer, they realized that the poor dog was, in fact, breathing. Barely. Still, that they had no idea how she survived this long.

They cut the rope from her neck and carried her into their vehicle. That they had no time to waste. She needed a vet to look at her immediately. They put her on the table and then the vet admitted he was in awe. How she survived this long was a miracle. The rescuers earned her a reputation, Esmeralda.

As the veterinary staff conducted the test, Esmeralda received intravenous medications and fluids. The tests confirmed that she was near death. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. She also suffered from anemia. Her blood count was so low that she needed blood transfusions.

While the prospect of Esmeralda’s survival was low, the vet gave the rescue group the choice of letting her go or proceeding with treatment. The rescuers cried. They didn’t know what to try to on the other hand Esmeralda searched at them, as if she was telling them: “Even if I don’t make it, please love me anyway.” so that is strictly what they did.

The rescuers and vet staff made Esmeralda as comfortable as possible. They continued with treatment so she wouldn’t be in pain but decided they wouldn’t treat her aggressively. The poor dog had already been through enough. In the next few days, it had been apparent that the sweet dog really did need love. While her body continued to offer out, her spirit improved. For the primary time, she was shown respect and affection. She lit up anytime a volunteer came near her, especially when she needs to meet other sickly doggy patients. Esmeralda developed a robust bond with one among the rescuers who stayed with her around the clock near the top. Esmeralda would have died alone with a rope tied tightly around her neck, in the dirt, never knowing what love felt like. Thankfully, she spent her final days feeling accepted and cared for.

While this story’s ending isn’t what we had hoped for, we are grateful for rescuers who still advocate for animals in need. They still show them love and luxury although they're running out of your time. RIP sweet Esmeralda and many thanks to the gorgeous rescuers and vet staff who never gave abreast of her.

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  • Ratna Mukerji
    Ratna Mukerji October 3, 2020 at 10:35 AM

    How can someone keep a pet and treat it so badly..why?


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