Pit Bull Heartbroken After Losing Her Puppies Finds Love With Orphaned Puppy

Two stray dogs who were hurting due to their life on the streets helped heal hearts during a touching rescue. Daya was found wandering the streets in York South Carolina in the middle of winter when she was picked up by Animal Control. Hell Bull was noticeably pregnant So the animal controller bends down Halfway There, Rescue, who agreed to foster Daya so she could give birth at a home instead of shelter. Tragically, that wasn't to be. Daya lost her litter in utero and needed emergency surgery due to infection complications.

After losing her babies, Daya’s family noticed she was grieving. But it had been evident she was depressed and emotionally hurting. Then, there was Raisin. The orphaned puppy had also been found wandering on a road with an injured eye and really sick. She was also taken in by the midway rescue team. The sweet puppy was far too young to be without a mother. That’s when their rescuers put two and two together, or during this case one orphaned puppy and one grieving mother. Halfway There, Rescue realized they needed to bring the 2 dogs together and that’s when something very special happened.

Daya immediately formed an indissoluble bond with the little puppy and regarded the raisins as her own. As for Raisin, she felt protected and loved for the primary time in her short life. As Daya found her purpose, and her heart healed, so did Raisin’s.

When the raisins were weaned and grown up, Daya was able to start a new life again. It turned out that Daya visited her native family who adopted her, and they also decided to adopt her!

As for Raisin, she too became a “foster failure” – her family couldn’t spare her and adopted her as their own. She now has an older sibling – a dog named Charlie. the 2 get along wonderfully, in no small part because of Daya and her nurturing.

The two were hurting and alone once they met, but by coming together for a quick time, they mended hearts and now have happy lives.

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