Abused And Got Deformed By His Owner, Now Looks Unrecognizable After Surgery

A post gone viral on Facebook alerted animal rights activists in Houston to a dog that needed an instant help. The dog was deformed and misused by his evil owner!

The dog, Gus, was able to be rescued as he immediately ran towards the rescuers! There was a shoestring wrapped around Gus’ neck, which caused the deformation and severe swelling of his head!

Gus had been during this bad situation for quite a year, consistent with the neighbors in the area! The rescuers directly rushed the nearby animal hospital, where they found that that they had to form a surgery to the dog! But they were then forced to prevent it as connective tissue was too severe! The dog was transferred to the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic to be treated by a soft tissue specialist, until he is going to be ready for the surgery! Thankfully, the dog had undergone a surgery, and is now healthy!

Luckily for Gus, he was adopted by a loving family, and he will live the remainder of his life during a forever home. How adorable! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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