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Senior Dog Killed By A Huge Bear While Protecting His Dog Friends

 Pete, an innocent dog isn't just man’s ally , as he sacrifices his life to save lots of his owners from big bear.

The dog, who was together with his owners for a year and a half before got killed by the bear, had been adopted from a shelter called Our English Rescue Setter.

The dog’s family were on a hike in NG when he was surprised by an enormous bear. there have been also another dogs that were attacked by the bear. So, English Setter stood against the bear to let the opposite dogs to travel to the security but unfortunately, he then had to be euthanized as his injuries were so bad.

Me & My Shadow Pets daycare service was the organization who took the dogs out once they surprised by the bear. Cathi, who owned the organization, shared what happened with them during a post saying that Pete was a hero to step against the bear to let her take the opposite dogs to the security .

She also added that she went back to assist Pete by scaring the beast off after she took the dogs to safety, but the dog was badly injured. So, they decided to place him down after they knew that he could never walk again. How brave he is!

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