Senior Stray Dog Found In Cold With Cancerous Tumors, Will Spend Her Final Days Warm

Rescuers in southern Greece rescued a senior dog called Molly from a very cold area there. Anna and Valia Alfanidou agreed to adopt her and went crazy with her directly.her.

Molly was diagnosed with leishmaniasis after being received ultrasound and blood tests at the vet, and ended up having some fluids in her uterus, a tumor in her bladder, and a couple of tumors in her breasts.

The brave dog underwent a surgery to be spayed and to get rid of the breast tumors. Sadly, she started chemotherapy because the tumors were cancerous. They also started treating her leishmaniasis, that would be fatal if not treated.

There are hopes that she is going to have good years after her cancer treatment. She is extremely playful, active, and happy, and she or he needed a forever home to spend her time of life at. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends,

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