Shelter seeks hospice home for senior dog left homeless after death of elderly owner

A Wisconsin animal shelter is trying to find a hospice home for a senior dog who has been left homeless following the death of his elderly owner. The dog, named Ace, is now in the care of the Forest County Humane Society, which shared the dog’s story on Wednesday:

Meet Ace. Ace is in a unique situation in a humane society. He came to us from an elderly man that loved him with all of his heart. This man has recently passed away… leaving Ace in our care.

When Ace first received the shelter, he was affected by skin conditions that required antibiotics and medicated baths. Consistent with the animal welfare agency, Ace’s skin and fur and now in fitness. But he needs a especial home to help as well as his aging body. The shelter writes: Ace’s only problem is his age and severe arthritis. he's a young dog during a senior's body. This is often where we are with Ace…we need a hospice home for him, which will meet his needs and let him live his days call at a home… not the humane society. Helping Ace, You can find the Forest County Humane Society Facebook page here.


Phone: (715) 478-2098


Website here.

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