Stray Dog Refuses To Leave The Remains Of Her Friend Until Rescuers Help Her

This is an incredible story of devotion, love and rescue.

‘No Kill Kern’ shares this incredible story of their rescue of a stray dog who they found is amazingly loyal. The rescuers heard that the dog they named Hachiko had been living during a field for over 2 months.

It was an enormous amount of land to hide and that they weren’t certain how they were getting to find her. That they had almost given up hope for the day when she suddenly appeared. Hachiko always appeared to come to at least one particular spot and that they didn’t know why. Once they got closer, they realized she was lying next to the remains of her friend, who had been killed months before. They refused to offer abreast of her and after several days of effort they finally got her. Hachiko has since been happily adopted! Share this amazing rescue story as well as your family and friends!

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