Two Senior Dogs Got Married At Shelter Waiting For Their Forever Home Together

Two mix-breed dogs called Diane, 7, and Jack, 10, were found by workers of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society during a cemetery in Chelsea, Maine. These dogs directly became best friends.

The 2 dogs would spend the entire day together and never leave each other’s side. TheyThey just take care of each other and then pull the zipper. Jack, the man, always gave Diane, the woman, his comfortable bed and toys like a gentleman.

When the rescuers saw this, they decided to officially marry them and put them together because it was too cruel to separate them.

They made traditional weddings a bit like human beings, instead of eating cakes, but eating Are often "> This can often be called a brilliant idea to keep two friends together forever. What an excellent idea! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends,

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