174-Pound Senior Mastiff Winds Up Depressed In Shelter After Owner Passes Away

He's been at the shelter longer than any other dog but a guardian angel was waiting in the wings to free Charlie.

It is unimaginable to think about how confused a dog must be if his owner dies and he finishes up on their lonesome at an animal shelter. There're no thanks to inform a dog that their owner gave up the ghost and why they now sleep in a kennel.

That’s what happened to Charlie, an almost 8-year-old Mastiff who tips the scales at 174 pounds. Charlie’s former owner taught him many tricks and therefore the pooch features a wonderful personality. “Unfortunately, his owner gave up the ghost and there wasn’t anybody within the family that would take him and that’s how he ended over here and that I just love him,” consistent with Kathy Zerkle, the Medical Director at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

What makes Charlie phenomenal is that the length of your time he has spent at the shelter. Since he was transferred to Rancho Coastal from Chula Vista, he's the resident who has stayed the longest at the shelter. Zerkle says true happiness won’t happen until Charlie finds his forever home. Since the story ran on CBS8 News, someone especial jumped at the chance to adopt Charlie. Dozens of applications came in, but one stood out over all the others. Tim Yenatar met Charlie when he was a puppy and lived with his former owner.

Tim became the woman’s caretaker and pitched in with Charlie. Since he couldn’t keep Charlie when his owner gave up the ghost, Animal Control hauled the pooch off. Tim saw Charlie’s story and knew he wanted to adopt him. “He’s a 1 during a million dog and has the personality of your ally ,” Tim said as he and Charlie rolled around together on the bottom.

CharlieCharlie knew him immediately and remembered him. Some things are meant to be. For more about this story, watch the video below. Congratulations to Tim and Charlie!

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