8 Month Old Pit Bull Wakes Up After Being Euthanized For A Second Opportunity At Life

Dogs in shelters are put to sleep once they are overcrowded, to form room for brand spanking new ones. Rudolph, an 8-month-old American pit bull/Labrador mix, was set to be euthanized. A veterinarian euthanized Rudolph at the Oklahoma shelter, however he was awake, once they came back to need him. This made the vet refuse to try again!

After the intervention of a no-kill shelter called Kings Harvest Animal Rescue in Iowa, fate also provided Rudolph with another opportunity.

They also shared his picture on Facebook, which’s once they received many adoption requests! However, he was adopted by a Siberian Husky breeder named Jacob Hommer because he believed Rudolph was definitely the perfect choice for experts from Colorado.

When the expert heard Rudolph’s story, he didn't hesitate, also as took him home! What a pleased finishing! Enjoy the video clip below. Share this with your friends and family,

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