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Blind Therapy Dog Passes Over The Rainbow Bridge After Battling Cancer For Months

 He used to put a smile on everyone's face, But he kept his last smile for his family 

This story speaks a few beloved blind dog called Smiley, who has died after bringing smiles to many people during his life. Joanne George, his mama, shared a photograph of the dog together with his great smile holding her hands!

Smiley, who was born with dwarfism and blind, was rescued by Joanne when he was two years old. That’s when she knew that he had something special.

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He’s like a real-life stuffed animal.

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He was trained to be a therapy dog as he knew the way to make people feel better and smile. So, he spent a few years comforting seniors in nursing homes, kids with autism, and hospital patients in Ontario, Canada.

But nothing lasts forever as Smiley was put down in October, 2017, after affected by a liver and stomach cancer for months. RIP Smiley!

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Hopefully just a rough day. . . . #greatestdogever #prayforsmiley

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