Deaf Dog Had Been Lying On Concrete For So Long, His Coat Was Worn Down To His Skin

He had been lying on concrete for so long, that his coat was worn down to his skin, which was extremely infected

Roman ended up at the Carson Animal Shelter in l. a. in a horrible condition. He had been lying on concrete for so long, that his coat was worn right down to his skin, which was extremely infected. His teeth were grounded down, his ears were tattered, and his spirit was destroyed.

On top of it all, Roman was also deaf. He was lying in the shelter, confused and injured. Volunteers at the shelter shared his picture online, in the hopes that somebody would want to adopt him.

That’s when Tye Friis, founding father of Reversed Rescue, saw the photo of the lonely dog curled in the corner of his enclosure, and knew he had to try to something to assist.

FriisFries immediately went to the shelter to look for the dog. He didn’t want to let him stay there in shelter on their lonesome during this condition, so he took him in as a foster.

“When I went down, it had been just a moment connection,” Friis told The Dodo. “He was the foremost grateful thankful dog you'll imagine. He was like, ‘Thank you, I don’t want to be here.”

Since Roman was deaf, Friis used signs and gestures to speak with him. Roman was very cooperative and wanting to acclimate to his new environment.

But before he could settle in, he had a plethora of problems to affect. Apart from the apparent problems as well as his skin and teeth, he also had worms and a yeast infection. He was treated for his conditions, and would slowly heal. As time went on, his hair began to grow back, though there have been some spots that never would.

Friis and Roman’s bond grew quickly as they spent longer together. Although Roman never had anyone around him, all he wanted was love and affection. He also loves other animals. After spending four months with Friis, healing and learning to be a dog again, Roman’s time finally came for a forever home.

A couple named Diane and Rob Whitaker saw Roman and knew they wanted to adopt him. Five months after living in his forever home, his new family drove him to go to his old foster dad.

As soon as Roman saw Friis, he jumped out of the car and ran over to him. And in fact smothered him with many kisses! Roman is going to be forever grateful for Friis’ act of kindness!

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