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Dog Found Abandoned In Garbage Dump, Rescued Before It Was Too Late

He was thrown like a piece of trash, But now ...

 Takis Proestakis, a rescuer from Takis shelter, found a pleasant pup dumped at a landfill. Samu, the dog, was spotted by Takis during his rescue routine in island of Crete, Greece.

The dog was hiding behind his surroundings as his color was an equivalent , he could barely be seen. Takisgot out off his car with Zoe, his dog, hoping he would help him to lure Samu, which really worked.

When Samu was finally safe, Takis just said one thing which was that the dog features a blue collar on. The dog was then taken to Takis shelter, which may be a home of 300 dogs.

Samu was initially shy, but he then became relaxed, and began twiddling with the opposite dogs at the shelter. the simplest was that he was fostered by a Finlandia foreign. He are going to be soon in Finland with 2 other dogs, that were also rescued from Takis shelter. What a cheerful ending. Watch the video below.

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