Dog Found Abandoned In Garbage Dump, Rescued Before It Was Too Late

He was thrown like a piece of trash, But now ...

TakisTakis Prostakis, a rescuer at the Takis shelter, found a cute puppy dumped in a landfill. Samu, the dog, was spotted by Takis during his rescue routine in the island of Crete, Greece.

The dog hides around him, because his colors are equivalent, and he can hardly be seen. Takis got out of the car with his dog Zoe, hoping he could help him lure Sam, and it really worked.

When Sam was finally safe, Takis said only one thing, and that was that the dog was wearing a blue collar. The dog was then taken to Takis shelter, which may be a home of 300 dogs.

Samu was at first shy, but he then became relaxed, and began twiddling with the opposite dogs at the shelter. TheThe simplest thing is that he was raised by a Finn. He is going to be soon in Finland with 2 other dogs, that were also rescued from Takis shelter. What a cheerful ending. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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