Dog refuses to abandon the body of his owner who died on the street

Life on the streets isn’t easy for anyone, neither animals nor humans are saved from browsing the foremost terrible calamities. Nobody should sleep in poverty, but during this world, inequality remains latent.

Only in a generous heart can differences be eliminated at the least cost. Such was the sensation of Capullo, a loyal puppy who didn't break away his human even after seeing that he had given up the ghost. This story of unconditional love happened in Argentina. A person of only 27 years old lost his life thanks to hypothermia.

As if the news weren’t painful enough, the attitude of his faithful pet broke everyone’s hearts. This furry guy accompanied his deceased owner for hours until the authorities removed the body. The scene was truly moving. After the person gave up the ghost, there was no thanks to get the dog out of his side. The touched neighbor wanted to give him enough space and time to say goodbye.

The dog remained faithful to his owner until the last moment. He appeared to be confused because his adventure partner didn’t awaken. The dog was the sole company next to the person that night. The story touched numerous hearts that the residents of the region decided to adopt Capullo. they're going to take responsibility for him from now on and take him off the streets. These people don't want the dog to possess an equivalent end as its owner and that they are willing to form up for all the pain he suffered.

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