Dying puppy abandoned in trash bag alongside road

Animal shelter working to save sick puppy left on side of road in trash bag

The puppy, named Rio, is simply 6 months, but his rescuers are already calling him a miracle. TheyThey assert the facts he's alive today is nearly unbelievable.

“He was definitely one among the more critical cases I’ve seen in awhile," Amanda Taylor, the Medical Director at Cincinnati Animal Care, said. “He was literally very on the brink of death.” A Good Samaritan brought Rio to Cincinnati Animal Care, Hamilton County’s animal shelter, on Tuesday. Shelter staff members were told he had been put during a trash bag and dumped on the side of the road.

“There could’ve been something malicious there. Obviously, leaving a puppy during a garbage bag isn't an honest idea or an honest thing to try to ," Meaghan Colville, the shelter’s director of lifesaving operations, said. Colville said they soon learned that Rio was positive.positive. Consistent with the American Veterinary Medical Association, canine parvovirus is very contagious and affects dogs' gastrointestinal tracts. Vets say it can cause damage to their intestines and immune systems, and it also can cause septic shock and death. “That’s the toughest part about these parvo puppies," Dr. Gretchen Goode with Eastgate Animal Hospital said. "They just, they need to require to measure. They need to require to measure, alternatively they’re not going to.”

Two days after he showed up at the shelter, Rio is slowly recovering, but his vet team says he features a great distance to travel . “I’m cautiously optimistic. The very fact that he’s made it this far, and he’s still improving, I feel we’re going to keep happening that trend," Taylor said. "I think he’s only getting to keep recuperating, but the primary 48 hours were definitely unsure for him.” Shelter directors say parvo is preventable through vaccinations, so they encourage pet owners to vaccinate their animals.

They also hope pet owners will believe community resources if they're having a tough time taking proper care of their pet. “People know they don’t get to leave it on the side of the road, they will come to us before it gets thereto level of suffering," Colville said. According to Colville, nobody is currently facing criminal charges in Rio’s case because they are doing not have any leads on what happened. The shelter is taking donations to assist buy Rio’s treatments. They need started a GoFundMe page to gather donations online.

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