Emaciated dog’s worried eyes have broken social media hearts

At Stray Rescue of St. Louis, the worried eyes of an emaciated dog rescued by the organization on Thanksgiving, have broken the hearts of everyone who has seen her photos. An honest Samaritan had been on her daily enter a park near her home when she found the starving dog too weak to even stand.

The kind woman took the dog home and called St. Louis’s Stray Rescue and pretended to ask for help. Volunteers immediately responded.

“This poor angel needs your prayers; we named her Hadley! She’s too weak to face and has nearly starved to death. Hopefully we got her in time to show this around,” the non profit organization posted on their Facebook page with the heartbreaking photos of the starving dog helplessly looking up at her rescuers.

Only teaching her head is exhausting, and Hadley is being fed very slowly with very small amounts of food – which can continue for subsequent few weeks. “Sweet Hadley, we are so pitying the hell you’ve lived through. Your worried eyes tell us everything…”

Updates on Hadley to follow. To donate to Hadley’s recovery, please click here. For more information, contact:

2320 Pine St

St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 771-6121

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