Famous Florida wolfdog dies from blood cancer

SAD NEWS. The Florida wolfdog, known for his large size, died from blood cancer this morning.

Yuki was left in a killing shelter when he was 8 months old. Then, a shelter in Florida stepped in to worry about him until his death. Something went wrong.

NAPLES, Fla. — Nearly two years after captivating the planet, Yuki the wolf-dog, who was saved by a Florida sanctuary, has died from blood cancer. Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, which took the huge 120-pound wolf-dog in after he was dumped off at a kill shelter by a previous owner confirmed the sad news Thursday on its Facebook page.

"We have some very sad news to share with everyone. This morning during our rounds, Yuki didn’t come up for his medicine. Once we entered his enclosure, we found that he had gave up the ghost ," the sanctuary wrote. The team there believes he went "peacefully" and "on his own terms" sometime during the night. Shy Wolf Sanctuary was conscious of Yuki's diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, or a kind of blood cancer, and knew that he didn't have very long but wanted to try to what they might to assist him. Beat all, they're just happy he lived a fantastical 13 years of life.

"Yuki taught us all about patience, love, and understanding as all animals have unique personalities and set their own boundaries," Shy Wolf Sanctuary wrote. "Rest easy sweet Yuki, we love you forever." Staff members say his pack-mate Bella appears to be doing OK, but they will tell she misses her friend. Yuki's story first gained attention when a photograph of the part-wolf and part puppy towering over a lady while sitting down went viral.

In his memory, the sanctuary is holding a special tribute to Yuki on its WolfStock broadcast from 3-6 p.m. EST on November 14.

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