Four-year-old shepherd found nearly dead making miraculous recovery

Just three weeks ago in Cleveland, Texas, Good Samaritans discovered Jake at a deserted, weakened structure. He was lying there motionless. Initially it had been thought the four-year-old shepherd had already died, but he moved, and his eyes opened; when the heartbreaking photos of Jake quickly picked up steam on social media, ThisIsHouston progressed and rushed over to assist .

Jake’s incredible will to survive has taken him past the nearly insurmountable odds. After having to be fed through a syringe just to stay up the small bit of strength he had, the dog decided the food offered to him was too good to pass up; subsequent morning he awakened to eat his own. He soon lifted his head for brief periods and was ready to move his feet and toes when stimulated. Both his vital signs and blood sugars slowly improved, and therefore, the veterinarians getting to him were ready to wean him off of intravenous fluids. Video: (copy and paste url into your browser to view)



And on Tuesday, Jake was abreast of high-low-jack and walking around exploring the world and then the people liable for saving his life. Then came a miracle – Jake was discharged from Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic.

“It’s crazy seeing him get up and walk – he’s such a lot taller than we though, and that we were those who first saw him,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page. “He’s so severely emaciated also . We know he is thin, but seeing his fragile body walking just looks painful... And this is often Jake with 3 weeks of eating well! Jake currently weights 52lbs, and he should easily be about 70-80lbs. If it wasn’t for his thick fur, you’d be ready to see every bone in his body.”

On Thursday morning, Jack set off for home. He loved searching the window, and enjoyed all the sniffs, dogs' love once they stick their noses out of the car windows. Obviously, Jake had never been during a car before and tried to position himself on the middle console which didn’t compute so well. Finally, Jake made himself comfortable crawling onto his foster mom’s lap and peering out the window.

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