He Glared At The World Through Sad Eyes As Every Bone Protruded From His Body

It's unknown whether someone dumped Hemingway in this awful condition, or if he had been living as a stray for a while.

A severely emaciated dog was found on Clough Pike in Anderson Township, Ohio and is now recovering at the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society. The dog, who is now named Hemingway, received fluids and is now on a special diet to assist him gain weight. Although he's still very weak, he's happy to be safe and warm and likes to cuddle as well as his new blanket.

He is currently being fostered by a shelter volunteer, and is doing great. Thankfully, he features a good appetite and he's wagging his tail. The shelter is still waiting for his blood test results before they know what the long-term future holds for him. While it's easy to assume that somebody may have dumped Hemingway, it's also possible that he got lost and has been living for a stray for quite a while, by the looks of his awful condition.

The shelter is now asking the public to stay an eye fixed out and tell them if they know of Hemingway’s owners. If you've got any information, please call them at 513-541-7387. Watch Hemingway’s progress in the video below.

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