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He Laid Down To Take His Final Breath As Hundreds Of People Walked Around Him .

They could've helped him but chose to turn a blind eye. Thankfully, someone came to the rescue just in time.

 Veer, a one-year-old Indian pye-dog , grew abreast of the streets and had a really rough life.

He was affected by mange and was severely malnourished. He laid within the Central Park from Jaipur, while many people passed him by.

They decided to show a blind eye and didn’t want to assist him, despite his dire critical condition.

Thankfully, an animal rescue finally found him and saved him from the brink of death. His body was covered with mites, he was extremely dehydrated, and his eyes turned white, showing no sign of blood. He was weak and unable to even advance his own.

After receiving proper medical treatment, he's finally recovering and filled with energy. He likes to explore and run, and after months of treatment, his fur is finally growing back in, his eyes are glowing, and his smile is there to remain .

He is now living with a loving foster, where ehe is being showered with unconditional love and enjoying twiddling with his new foster doggy siblings.

Watch his full rescue story within the video below: