Heartbroken Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Is Leaving Him At The Shelter

 The poor dog’s soul is crushed and he cries when he figures out that his family is leaving him at the shelter forever. Let’s mend his broken heart and help him find a forever home!

Moses Hell Bull was so happy when he finally got adopted into a loving family in California a year ago. He was his family’s best “good boy” and that they were an exquisite team together. But unfortunately, the family received adversity financially, and that they were forced to relocate to an inexpensive place that didn’t allow dogs.

In this video from Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, we see the nervous Moses clinging on to his dad in the shelter’s surrender line. The poor dog can sense the ominous aura of the place. He had already noticed his family being unnaturally sad whenever they petted him in the past week. It finally dawns on him that they're close to surrender him. Moses doesn’t understand why his happy run together with his folks has got to end. The heartbroken dog breaks down in tears and begs his dad to need him back home.

His dad is equally miserable, but he strokes his scared pooch and assures him that he will find a far better home soon. What a painfully tragic turn of events! Let’s mend Moses’ broken heart and help him find a forever home!

Update: The shelter has updated that Moses has found his forever family because of his viral video! His new family is financially stable and so the loyal dog will never need to undergo another separation again. The high-kill shelter has also revealed that Moses’ popularity has been creating ripples and helping their other pets get adopted too! What a sweet outcome! Click the video below to see Moses’ heart-sinking moment at the shelter’s surrender line.

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