help ! Terrified, mostly blind, dog surrendered to animal shelter

A terrified, mostly blind, dog is trying to form sense of her world after being surrendered to an animal shelter in Paris, Texas. On Tuesday afternoon, the Paris, TX Shelter Adoptables Facebook page posted a photograph of the now homeless dog, writing: Terrified, “Pretty Girl,” was owner surrendering today. She is usually blind and can need an experienced home or rescue for special needs dogs.

Losing all that's familiar is tough on any dog, but especially traumatic for a dog with a visible impairment. AnThere is an urgent need for someone who is willing and ready to absorb this special need dog.

Can you help?

If you live in the area, please consider opening your home to Pretty Girl. you'll call 993-784-6774 to inquire. Please reference identification #54376.

LCHA Office: 903-784-6774

Paris Animal Shelter 903-784-6860

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Saturday 10am-2pm.

Sunday and every one Holidays- Closed.

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