Her Own Mom Tried To K.i.l.l Her. But This Inspiring Two-Legged Dog Was Saved Just In Time.

Faith’s two front legs were deformed when she was born and when Faith was just three weeks old, her own mother tried to smother her to d.e.a.t.h.

But Faith was rescued just in time by a kind-hearted young man named Ruben Stringfellow, who brought Faith home to his mom.

After Ruben presented Faith to his mom, Jude, they took the small puppy to a veterinarian, who recommended that Faith be euthanized. Jude refused. Faith learned to overcome her disability.

And blossomed into a gorgeous inspiration. ThisThis is usually what Faith does best-comforting sick children in the hospital.

Share Faith’s story and encourage others to rescue animals who are prone to urge overlooked by those trying to find the “perfect” pet. Because, the truth is, Faith is simply perfect the way she is.

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