Hero dog saves four patients from inferno at Russian hospice after running into the building to raise the alarm, suffering terrible burns when it passed out due to carbon monoxide fumes

Not all heroes wear capes, some have paws and a tail

 WARNING: Graphic images

A hero dog is recovering from severe burns after raising the alarm on an horrific fire that saved four terminally ill people during a hospice.

The animal barked to alert her female owner about the inferno, running into the burning building in Russia's Leningrad region. The dog passed out from carbon monoxide gas, and suffered appalling burns.

All four residents of the private hospice were safely pulled from the blaze after the hearth service was called. But mongrel Matilda was only saved later, and had suffered grievous injuries. Volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich rescued the animal.

The pregnant dog "cries and trembles in pain, but heroically endures everything," said a report. Now, the animal protectors at the Vasilek shelter in St. Petersburg are fighting to save the dog that was brutally burned. "Matilda's face, neck and abdomen were severely burned," said the shelter during a statement.

"She was checked by a fertility specialist who checked out her for a really while and punctiliously studied the puppies. "They are all alive and developing well.

"Now it's impossible to know the amount of babies she is carrying, since she may be a big dog." But Matilda - referred to as Motya - won't be ready to feed her puppies since her nipples are badly burned. After the hearth, the hospice owner isn't ready to lookout of the dog thanks to injury, say reports.

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