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Husky Spooked By Fireworks Cries Real Tears When Reunites With His Mama

 He cries like a baby when sees his mom moments after being rescued

Hope For Paws rescued a Husky who got spooked at the LA River. The story begins when a call came to Eldad Hagar a few Husky in trouble.

The dog was hopping through the dense vegetation and his paw was badly hurt. Eldad was helped by 2 volunteers to stay the dog on the brink of him, while rescuing the Husky, Eldad knew that the owner of the dog, Khrystal, was trying to find him within the area.

Thankfully, Eldad was ready to rescue Sawyer, the Husky, who was confused and dehydrated initially but seeing his mom makes him cry.

Watch the video below to ascertain the emotional reunion.

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  1. Thank you to all those people who saves these beautiful animals

  2. Next 4th of July, be a responsible pet owner, dogs will jump through glass windows, when fireworks go off...Glad Sawyer was found and safe :)


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