Inseparable Saint Bernard Brothers Are Dumped At Shelter—Now, They’re Looking For Forever Home

St. Bernards are arguably a number of the foremost beautiful dogs in the world, but people don’t discriminate when it involves dumping their pets at the shelter. The trio of Saint Bernard brothers, named Gunther, Goliath, and Gasket were heartlessly left at the Edmonton Humane Society, and it instantly became apparent that the brothers wouldn't be ready to be separated. The three would become anxious if aside from one another, and in the most difficult time of their lives, it didn’t seem fair to advertise them separately for adoption – although being adopted as single dogs would undoubtedly get them adopted sooner.

So, the shelter had the task of finding a family who would combat all three of the dogs, and this wasn’t getting to be a simple one. St Bernards are pretty large dogs, so so as for a family to require on the three brothers, they might need to have a house and garden large enough to accommodate them.

After sharing the story of the three brothers online, the EHS was amazed by the response that they received. In much less time than anyone expected, they found the right match for the three dogs – a family from Calgary. They shared their gratitude toward everybody’s help during a handout, saying, “The response to the story of those gentle giants, from the thousands who helped share our involve help to those that offered their homes to those dogs, was truly astounding,” Jamey Blair, EHS’s manager of animal health and protection said.

Adopting a dog may be a big responsibility, and it’s not something to be taken lightly – especially when there are three dogs involved! The EHS made absolutely sure that the family was the proper fit before breaking the great news to them that their application had been approved. Unsurprisingly, they were over the moon once they acknowledged . “We are beyond excited to be giving these three dogs their forever home,” the family said in an EHS handout . “When we acknowledged that we were getting the chance to satisfy them, we cried tears of joy.”

The dogs have since settled into their furever home, and that they are having a blast! They’ve already come thus far since they were abandoned in the shelter, and their confidence is growing day by day. After a great deal of public interest that the post about the three brothers received, the EHS is certain to share frequent updates about how the dogs are becoming on in their new home. “The boys do awesome. Their personalities are shining through and everyone having a blast.” Edmonton Humane Society said during a Facebook post. ” They’re getting ran fourfold each day, treats, and most of all, love.”

They added: “Gunther is that the trouble maker of the three. No food is safe on any counter. He also likes to pull Goliath in some pranks.also. GasketThe spacer is the most determined one to urge all love. Doesn’t matter who you're petting, he’s getting to muscle anyone out.” It’s amazing to listen to that these three adorable dogs have found happiness during a new loving home. Watch the sweet footage of the dogs at the shelter below.

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