“Mama, don’t cry”—15-year-old Shiba Inu dog put on the warmest smile for his owner before he left the world

Saying farewell to our loved ones isn't easy, which was what this Shiba Inu’s owner went through when her 15-year-old dog left her permanently.

Michy was a dog from Shiba Inu breed, and he lived with his owner for 15 years before he finally left the planet forever thanks to several health conditions. He wasn't only blind But since he was an adult, he also suffered severe internal bleeding.

However, Michy remained positive even to the last moment of his life. Before he exhaled his last breath, Mickey gave his master the brightest smile, as if telling her not to be sad because he left her forever Michy became blind when he turned 14 years old.

Since then, his health deteriorated so quickly that he later was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, a health condition where the platelet falls below normal count Due to his low platelet count, Michy suffered from internal bleeding, which caused his nose to frequently bleed. The doctor said that Michy might receive treatment, but for this aging dog, surgery and treatment were overdone.

Later, his owner decided to place him to sleep to not prolong his suffering any more Michy’s leaving was really painful for his owner but she tried to deal with the loss by sharing a video of Michy’s last moment on her YouTube channel.

In spite of him leaving soon, Michy still managed to smile at his owner, telling her to not worry and be sad Watch the heartbreaking moment when Michy leaves his master and therefore the world here

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