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Neglected and abused dog loses all puppies after everyone turned away from her suffering

 A horribly neglected and certain abused dog lost all of her puppies after everyone turned faraway from her suffering in Houston, Texas. Hell bull mix, dubbed Grace, was pregnant and hoping against hope that somebody would lend her a life-saving hand. A witness said:

“People threw things at her to form her get away , as she was begging for help”


“Every car that drove up to the gasoline station where she sought refuge, she would limp over and check out to place a smile on her bloody beaten up face and that they all looked the opposite way.” She would have soon perished. Someone with a heart saw her, pulled in and took a photograph and a plea out, a foster stepped up for us and now she is under the care of excellent Lif3.

Good Lif3 Bully Rescue outlined the dog’s laundry list of maladies, writing:

She was rushed to the vet, only to get , she has babies that the majority likely might not make it. She has broken bones that healed broken and can need a specialist. She is filled with worms, parasites, covered with fleas, malnourished, anemic, her mammy gland is swollen. X-Rays are done, bloodwork has been sent off to assist us save her life.


Grace survived and can recover with time, but her puppies didn't . On Friday, the rescue group shared the sad news with Facebook followers:

SAD NEWS: “Our sweet Amazing Grace was admitted to the hospital last night, she lost all of her babies. Today’s cup BLACK Friday is all for her. HER SPIRITS are very low – SHE KNOWS and our hearts are breaking for her.” this is often what DEFEAT seems like .

People who want to assist can do so in one among the subsequent ways:

Amazon Wish-list for Grace:…/396Y4JKKM17EH/ref=cm_sw_r_fa…