Owner Laughs At His Dog While Dumping At The Shelter, But His Dog Gets The Last Laugh At The End

 Heartless Owner laughed in his crying dog's face. but the last photo says its happy end

A pit bull called Jack was undoubtedly thrown into a close-by shelter, and his parent decided that he not wanted him. What makes this story worse is that Jack can somehow say that. He whimpered and cried hoping that his parent will change his mind.

Instead of understanding the error of his ways, Jack’s parent simply laughed in his face and continued as well as his vicious plan. Are you able to believe that somebody on Christmas had decided to throw a dog at shelter?

Jack had no illness or ailment, he wasn’t unbearable and there was nothing wrong with him. The staff directly decided to try to something different, that they wanted to seek out a forever home for him.

They used their social media pages to promote Jack for adoption, and something incredible happened. With the help of a couple of local rescuers, Jack was finally saved from the streets. Jack received a lot of adoption invitations on the same day, and he would definitely have to go to a home that would replace him forever. Share this with your family and friends.

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