Paralyzed Dog Bravely Crawls Out from Under Abandoned Home into Rescuer’s Awaiting Arms

Without the use of his back legs, Scooch struggled to crawl out of his dark prison and into the light.

It was coal black But they might see a tan bulldog with a flashlight. He was crouched during a corner and as Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis crawled over to him, he let loose a coffee growl.

But he stopped making any sound after she threw a Vienna sausage in his direction. Seeing the food, Skok dragged himself over with his front legs. That’s when Donna noticed Scooch wasn’t using his back legs – he was paralyzed. “He was so hungry and pulled himself toward each bit I tossed,” Donna wrote on Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ website. “We wondered how long this poor dog had been down here, alone and scared. After some back and forth, we knew the safest and least stressful thanks to get him out was getting to be with a trail of food.”

Scooch dragged and pulled himself along, his ailing body unable to resist the food. Donna said that when they reached the opening, he hesitated “as if wondering ‘what goes to happen to me?’ He checked out us and decided to require a leap of religion .” As soon as he emerged into the sunshine, Donna could see just how poorly Scooch was. He was very thin and his back feet had open sores from dragging himself on the bottom.

They lifted him to the car with a blanket and then the dog simply searched at them – gratified to be getting help and relieved to be in an air-conditioned car. Said Donna, “His grateful eyes, his grey muzzle, and soft kisses tell us he understands we are here to assist him.”

Although watching Scooch’s rescue is heartbreaking, his bravery and determination shine through. we've every hope that this especial dog will recover and know that his rescuers will do everything in their power to offer him an exquisite life going forward.

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