Pit Bull Saved The Same Day She Was Set To Be Euthanized, After Offering A Man A Paw

He was actually begging to be saved

A man and his wife decided to adopt a dog to fill the gap that happened after losing their 2 senior dogs in ten days. While checking Facebook, they tackled with an image of a three-month-old pup called Mila who really needed a help.

Since she was very ill, she desperately found someone to save her a lot. Mila was during a very bad shape and her health was also bad as she had pneumonia, a terrible skin infection, and demodectic mange over most of her body.

The woman shared on Facebook that the dog’s first night reception was very hard as Mila’s fever was so high and her infection was so bad that they spent more the six hours at the emergency vet that night. After three days of heavy antibiotics, they introduced her to Molly, their other dog, and she or he was starting to begin of her shell.

A month later, Mila’s infections and pneumonia were gone and even her hair was also gone thanks to the treatment but she was ready to wear a T-shirt all the time. Her owner took her weekly visits to the veterinarian for her first 2 months.

Thankfully, her hair started growing back again after and a half months later. She is totally healed 6 months later and she or he is so sweet. BecauseBecause this family helped Mira and gave her another chance in life. Share this with your family and friends.

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