Pit Bull Was Repeatedly Malformed, Abandoned In Dirt, But Still Wags His Tail For Passersby

An injured dog found abandoned by an honest Samaritan in York, South Carolina. Hell Bull Terrier was taken in by York County Animal Control to treat him as he was affected by bite wounds to his body, neck and head.

The dog was undergone a surgery as he also needed skin grafts on his ears, which had been ripped off. Thankfully, they found that the Hell Bull still heard it. The surgery was successful and then the dog was also given antibiotics for his heartworm and injuries.

The vets believed that the Hell bull was used as a bait dog, repeatedly exploited, mutilated and attacked. Scooter, Hell Bull has been living in a family until he is completely healed. he's now living during a forever home with a loving family. How lucky!

Watch the video below.

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