Senior, Blind Dog Dumped On The Streets After Years Being Abused & Chained

This story speaks a few blinds, deaf 15-year-old dog, who was spotted by Marsha in the street of Larissa, Greece, and directly taken to emergency.

When they examined him, they found that he's unable to carry his head in an upright position because it is crooked and his teeth are rotten. All his life has been spent on a heavy chain, and this is the reason why his head is tilted.

It was obvious that he was then dumped on the road after a few years of being misused. The dog’s teeth are all removed after undergoing an instant successful surgery, as his infected teeth bothered him such a lot.

He is now fostered by the ladies who saved him but he still reacts badly when he's touched and even tries to bite. We hope that we is going to be healed soon and be friendly toward people.

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