Senior Pug Saved By 12-Yr-Old Girl After Being Thrown From Moving Car In Garbage Bag

Is this how we pay back for our dogs, just for being old !

This story tells of several senior pugs who were wrapped in garbage bags and thrown out of a moving vehicle.

The incident was seen by Malory Steiner, a 12-year-old girl, from her range in Royalton, New York, while mowing the lawn in the backyard.

The family directly took the dog, who was covered in gnats and flies, to animal control in Niagara County, where he was saved by Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc.

They found that the dog, that was named Teddy, has cataracts a skin infection and is missing some teeth. He received treatment and was placed in a family.

Thankfully, the dog’s coat is healing Fortunately, he started to eat good quality and healthy food and got a lot of rest. because of Malory, her family, and then the rescuers, who make sure that Teddy will spend his life feeling love and cozy .

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