Sick Husky On Busy Highway, Ignored By Drivers, But One man Stopped For Miracle

Sick husky was in desperate need for immediate assistance.

A 1-year-old dog was finally seen on a busy highway by an honest Samaritan after being overpassed by many people! The Siberian husky, Miracle, was put in the car of the type woman, who then drove her to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter in California.


That’s when Miracle’s story was shared on Facebook by Andrea Neyses, a volunteer at the shelter, with a caption read that the dog had been neglected for a few time, and she or he was also affected by a terrible skin condition.

The story was seen by Leave No Paws Behind Rescue, who decided to assist the dog as she was in real need of help. They also knew that the dog would be put down if she didn't survive!

Thankfully, the dog was then taken from the by Leave No Paws Behind Rescue, who directly took her to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks to receive the care she needs, medically and emotionally.

After testing her blood, they acknowledged that she has protein in her urine, and is malnourished and anemic. Despite her unfitness, she still wags her tail to everyone she meets. The doctors also said that they're confident that Miracle will make it. We all hope that.

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