Sick Pup Spent Her Life On The Streets, But Now She’s Showing Her Rescuers Just How Sweet She Is

She was in bad shape - malnourished, covered in fleas, and had a bad skin infection, along with very swollen feet.

A stray dog named Reba was found roaming the streets of Houston, Texas, and was eventually delivered to Vet Ranch.

She was in bad shape - malnourished, covered in fleas, and had a nasty skin infection, along side swollen feet. She also had plenty of hair loss, a bad infection on her mouth, and swollen lymph nodes on her neck. They performed skin scraping to further diagnose her. She appeared to be suffering from Demodicosis and she took the medicine directly.directly. They gave her a medicated bath and got her cleaned up.

Within ten days, her hair began growing back, and therefore, the infections on her face were clearing up nicely. At now, her skin was looking much healthier, but she still had an extended thanks to go. She was vaccinated and then sent to the foster care for measurement.

One week later, her scabbing was gone and her skin was not red. Not too long after, she was finally healed! She looks like a fresh dog! The best news is that her foster caregivers are in foster care, so that they just expect the documents to be cleared before they officially become her forever home! Her new family also named her Honeybee, which complements her sweet personality!

Watch HoneyBee’s amazing transformation in the video below:

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