Stray Dog Run Over By Car Waits 3 Years At Shelter To Find The Perfect Home

Run over by a car, left with two broken legs, Jasmine’s life on the streets was filled with pain and despair

She was taken to a rescue shelter where she slowly healed. Initially she wouldn’t let rescuers approach her. But with patience and love, the jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine became the shelter’s 3-legged mascot, but she remained at the shelter for two years, despite being featured in videos and being heavily promoted by the shelter. May be it had been because she had three legs. presumably, it had been because she was incontinent, as the results of her injuries. Or it had been because she wasn't the prettiest dog. Jasmine saw many of her friends come and go. One was Scarlet – a 3-legged dog like her, who was adopted by a lady named Gina. Jasmine didn’t realize it, but Gina had made her a promise to herself that she would come for Jasmine. Jasmine’s rescuers explain that the dog was happy at the shelter, but her face wouldn’t illuminate the love it does now…now she knows she features a place in the world and a family to call a. “There are not any unwanted dogs just unfound families,” says one among her rescuers. Her story is why rescuers should never hand over hope. Watch Jasmine’s full story in the heartwarming video below.

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