Stray Dog With Lymphoma Will Spend His Last Christmas With A Loving Family

 They fulfill his Christmas wish when they learned that he has few more days to live

This story speaks about an eight-year-old dog called Griswold who was so ill and battling lymphoma. Richmond Animal League (RAL) hoped that the dog will spend this Christmas, which may be his last one during a forever home.

They made a plea hoping to urge people to adopt him as he needed to be during a forever home as he has some skin issues, and chronic dry eye.

This means that this especial dog should find a special home. Griswold was in an animal shelter in Chesterfield County, Virginia, that also had other 50 dogs in their annual Operation Silent Night for the seventh time.

Thankfully, Griswold found his forever family in the 1st night of Operation Silent Night! We hope that we is going to be completely healed to spend quite one Christmas with his family. Share this with your family and friends,

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