Stray puppy critically injured after being attacked

A stray puppy, who had to defend herself on the streets, is fighting for her life after being attacked. The pup has been critically injured after being attacked on Sunday.

On Monday morning, S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast (in White Plains, New York) recounted what happened, writing:

This Tiny Stray puppy lived on the streets for weeks. She was finally attacked last night and hid in the bushes. She has been slowly fading since then.

And explained in detail the extent of her injury:injuries:

She has several broken legs, deep wounds and is in severe pain. She was almost unconscious. We were worried she wouldn’t even make it to our vet, but thank goodness she remains alive and wishes critical ER care.


You can follow this puppy’s fight for all times at this link to SNARR’s Facebook page.

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