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Two Sick Puppies Meet In Shelter, Comfort Each Other In Most Heartwarming Way

They both knew that they are in a bad place


This story speaks about Neal and Jeremiah, 2 cute pups, who were strays once they received the Texas high-kill shelter.

The 2 dogs received the shelter separately, but when Jeremiah saw Neal, she crawled over and lay on top of him.


The founding father of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, said that the dogs gave one another comfort as they thought they were in peril .

The 2 puppies would have died if Silverstein hadn’t intervened, as being during a kill shelter means they're going to likely find yourself euthanized. Another dog called Jagger was also rescued from the shelter.

The 3 dogs are now receiving their treatments and that they are going to be fostered if they're not adopted directly.

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